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29 October 2007 @ 07:52 pm

soooo. in light of the new year, i decided to post some new
pictures. this is my first post in a while, hashaa. this is also a
new model; so i hope you enjoy, and comment comment yah.

happy halloween. (:Collapse )
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10 October 2007 @ 03:12 pm

DUDES. i'm lagging. D:

who knew legacies were so hard to keep track of? well. don't answer that. =P
school is a hassleeeee, and i'm lazy. i don't feel like editing all of those
snapshots i took. D:

but i'ma be updating soon, i promise. i started three new legacies, but i think i'm
only going to stick to two. sorry dayton (my boy.) D:

okeeeee. kisskisskiss, oceana.

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28 September 2007 @ 07:32 pm

the woods legacy.

So this is my first legacy. Ever. I'd appreciate it if you were nice, and give me neat comments and better ways to improve ya ya? This legacy starts out sort of different, because I didn't decide I wanted to start a legacy until August got... married. And I wasn't going to start over again. So I just went with the flow. (:

But ya'll need to be caught up. So click belowwwww. (;

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25 September 2007 @ 06:32 pm

meet august woods.

♪♪: (:
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25 September 2007 @ 06:01 pm

hello, and welcome to

oceanasims will be my sims related journal, and where i, oceana (or tater) as i'll prefer to be called, will post everything i do that is sim-related. this means my legacies, when i start them, random photoshoots, excess graphics, and my models. indeed, i'll use this as a sort of modeling agency for my sims as well; they'll have portfolios, so you can get to know them. thanks for stopping by! if you have any questions and or concerns, don't feel afraid to message me. (:
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