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28 September 2007 @ 07:32 pm
the woods legacy.  

the woods legacy.

So this is my first legacy. Ever. I'd appreciate it if you were nice, and give me neat comments and better ways to improve ya ya? This legacy starts out sort of different, because I didn't decide I wanted to start a legacy until August got... married. And I wasn't going to start over again. So I just went with the flow. (:

But ya'll need to be caught up. So click belowwwww. (;


Mmk. August Woods is the resident partier of Bluewater Village; she's everyone's friend, and a lot of their enemies. Only because people can't handle her. With her fiery red hair and sparkly blue eyes many can't stop from looking at her (if i see her in one more sims' thought bubble i'll asplode). No one thought she'd get married, though; especially to the top police chief on the Bluewater Force, Victor Scott. But he'd been crushing on her since highschool, as his best friend Jay (to be seen soon) had been as well. It seemed Victor got her first, and though Jay hides the slight animosity he has towards his best friend, he can't help but wonder what it would've been like if August was his instead of Victor's. And... -drumroll please- August Woods Scott is pregnant! Whoo. It was unexpected (srsly, jeez acr), but they're happy none the same. AAAAAND I think that wraps it up. So on to the pics! (:


Who just so happens to be a preggo. (:
AUGUST: I didn't ask for it; all I wanted was the woohoooooooing. (;


The man who made August a preggo.
(get this; this latino lover used to be HIDEOUS. but oceana gave him an uber makeover, so it's all good.
august practically BEGGED for him after she paid 5K to the matchmaker, who conjured up a hideous excuse
for a man. she shooed him off, and went after victor. dumb bint matchmaker. (: )

AUGUST: Mmm, look at that booooooty. (;

D'aww. These two can't keep off of each other; they haven't had one argument yet.
-insert super sigh of happines here-

pleasure sim.
lifetime want: become celebrity chef.
astrological sign: taurus.
personality: neat, outgoing, lazy, playful, and grouchy.
interests: politics, entertainment, fashion, and the paranormal.
turn ons: blonde hair as well as facial hair.
turn offs: fattness. (zomg, she forces victor to go the gym.)

popularity sim.
lifetime want: become captain hero. (i had to make him quit his politics job for that. all that money lost D:)
astrological sign: leo.
personality: sloppy, outgoing, lazy, serious, and grouchy. (ohjeez.)
interests: money, politics, food, work, and the paranormal.
turn ons: red hair and makeup. (...they were written in the stars, victor and august. (:)
turn offs: stinkiness.
♥♥: complacentcomplacent
♫♫: between the line « sara bareilles